Glass Door & Window Dog Doors

In glass pet doors offer homeowners an installation option to protect their view while providing their pet with easy access to the out of doors. Putting a pet door in a window, glass patio door, sliding or French door isn't the cheapest option, but it does protect the view and the value of your home.

Dog Door Glass

Once glass has been tempered, it can't be cut. Your existing glass door or window is removed and replaced with a fully tempered glass panel with the appropriate cut out for your pet dog door. Keep the old glass and if you decide to sell your home or remove the dog door glass, just reinstall the old glass.

In Glass Pet Dog Door Flaps

An inflexible pet dog door flap can trap or injure a pet if they try to back through the door. Clear, flexible, soft vinyl dog door flaps provide a safer option for pets while protecting the view of the outside. Cat or dog door flaps with ½ inch brush pile, Alnico5 magnets and stainless steam strikes on the bottom and sides provide the best weatherproofing option and work well in all climates.

Double pane glass requires two vinyl dog door flaps; single pane glass requires only one dog door flap.

Keep Your Home Secure & Protect Your Investment

My first choice for pet dog doors is a translucent gray colored Lexan security cover. Another option I recommend is Starboard® marine grade polymer security doors which are virtually indestructible and come in opaque white, black, gray or tan. The strength of the security cover is the most important factor of your choice but there are many color options in pet door frames, doggie door flaps and cat door security covers to insure your new glass door or window dog door matches the look of your home.

There are a number of options for a locking dog door lock including the positive pin lock. The pin lock is attached at the top with small cat dog doors. With large or extra large dog doors, a second pin lock should be installed for added security.

I always recommend to my clients a dog or cat door frame should be constructed of extruded aluminum, at least .063" thick. After all, a doggy door is only as durable as the frame that holds the flaps and doggy door cover.

In Glass Pet Door Warranties

Most in glass cat or dog doors come with a warranty. However, as far as I know, Hale Pet Doors is the only manufacturer with a 5 year pet door warranty that includes a pro-rated warranty on all parts, including door flaps and labor.

I'm Eddie Coykendall and I've been doing professional dog door installation since 2002. Give me a call at 702-379-0609 or contact me and together we'll find the purrfect pet door to allow your pet to happily enter and leave your home through a new glass door or window dog door.