Pet Door Installation

Pet Door Installation Options

When choosing the location for your pet door, take into consideration:

  • Size of your cat or dog now and in the future
  • Traffic patterns both inside the house and out for pets and people
  • Ease or difficultly your pet may experience using the pet door when it's older
  • Use of the pet door by all of your pets if you have dogs and cats of different sizes
  • Be sure the tallest animal doesn't rub the top of the door for its well being as well as premature wear of the flaps
  • If you have short-legged pets be sure to get a panel model door with a low or no rise (one-inch) or place the pet door low on the wall or door. If this isn't possible, I can supply a custom ramp to help your pet.
wall dog door

Installing a Pet Door in a Wall

  • Allows many options for placement of your pet door
  • Pet door can be removed and wall repaired like new with the cut outs that I'll leave with you
  • Best insulating of the pet doors because of the air space between the flaps
  • Pet door can be installed in any wall material of any width

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door pet door

Installing a Pet Door in a Door

I can install your pet door in any type of door

  • wood doors
  • metal doors
  • hollow core interior doors
  • raised panel doors
  • French doors

If you don't want to cut into your existing door, I can provide a new door with the dog door installed and replace your door. This way, if you move you can easily and quickly switch the doors. (More Info)

in glass dog door

Installing a Pet Door in Glass

This is the most attractive and unobtrusive option for glass door or window installation. Some possible locations for your in glass pet door installation are:

  • Sliding patio door
  • French doors
  • Basement window
  • Picture window
  • Single pane window
  • Double pane window

The glass will be replaced, and you will retain the original glass which can quickly and easily be replaced when it's time to move. (More Info)

sliding glass pet door

Installing a Panel Insert Pet Door

Panel inserts are custom made and designed to fit in the track of your window or sliding glass door. There are a variety of styles for vertical or horizontal windows:

  • Choice of removable or permanent mount panels for sliding glass doors
  • Choice of removable or permanent mount for window applications
  • Removable patio or window panels are great for renters

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in glass cat door

Installing a Pet Door in a Window

Sometimes the best place to locate your pet door is in a window. If this is your situation, a window model pet door is your best choice. Window pet doors can be installed in:

  • Vertical hung windows both single and double pane glass
  • Horizontal sliding windows of single or double pane glass
  • Permanent or more temporary installation available
screen pet door

Installing a Pet Door in a Screen

If you like to enjoy the fresh air when the weather is nice, you'll want a screen pet door to allow your pet to come and go as they please. Screen pet doors can be installed in:

  • Screen doors
  • Window screens
  • Screened porches and sun rooms